San Diego County Orchid Society


Our Mission

To promote interest in orchids and their cultivation, to educate by exchanging information and experiences related to successful orchid culture, and to support the conservation of orchids in the wild.

Our Meetings

We meet on the first Tuesday of every month.

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Our Shows

We host four shows a year.

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Our Activities

Membership in the SDCOS

The society conducts a lot of activities like potting workshops, field and camping trips and has a standing subgroup, the Species Group, dedicated to the culture of species orchids.

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Membership in the society is $20/ year ($25 for a couple membership), and free for juniors <18 years old.

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Our Board of Directors

The society is governed by a 9 member board of directors, which directs the society affairs and meets on the first Thursday of each month. The board meetings are open to all members of our society. Click here for more information.


 E Mail AddressName
Advertisingadvertising@sdorchids.comMyra de Tate
Conservationconservation@sdorchids.comRon Kaufmann
Membershipmembership@sdorchids.comBob Clark
Newsletternewsletter@sdorchids.comDavid Vandenbroek
Showchairshowchair@sdorchids.comDebby Halliday
Social Mediasocialmedia@sdorchids.comAshley Grable
Volunteersvolunteers@sdorchids.comDave Hoffmaster
Webmasterwebmaster@sdorchids.comKay Klausing

Board of DirectorsE Mail AddressName
Presidentpresident@sdorchids.comDavid Vandenbroek
1st Vice President1stvp@sdorchids.comAshley Grable
2nd Vice President2ndvp@sdorchids.comNate La Breche
Director-at-Largedal1@sdorchids.comStewart Walton
Director-at-Largedal2@sdorchids.comSima Perkins
Director-at-Largedal3@sdorchids.comCarey McCoy
Treasurertreasurer@sdorchids.comMyra de Tate
Secretarysecretary@sdorchids.comMaria Gray
Past Presidentpastpresident@sdorchids.comDebby Halliday