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Summer Show 2023

AOS Awards

Sobralia macrantha fma albescens

‘Cassandra’ AM

Dave Brown

Sobralia mirabilis

‘Cassandra’ AM

Dave Brown

Schombolaelia San Diego Breeze

‘Condor’s Sunset’ HCC

Ormistan J. Bromfield

Zygopetalum microphytum

‘Nolen Barrette’ AM

Dave Brown

Clowesia thylaciochila

‘Cassandra’ HCC

Dave Brown


James & Lise Wright

Best of Show

Brassia verrucosa

Dave Rimlinger

Forrest Robinson

Cultural Award

Brassia verrucosa

Dave Rimlinger

Siv Garrod

Most Unusual Species

Gongora scaphoglottis

Peter Tobias

No Text

People's Choice Award

Dendrobium guiberti v. griffithianum

Debby Halliday

Section Winners

Section 1: Cymbidium Standard Hybrids

No Entries

Section 2: Cymbidium Hybrids Miniature

Cymbidium Helen Bannerman ‘Black Magic’

Grown by: Betty Kelepecz

Section 3: Cymbidium Hybrids Pendulous

Cymbidium Helen Bannerman

Grown by: JerrySpencer

Section 4: Cattleya Alliance Hybrids Standard

Schomburgkia San Diego Breeze ‘Condor’s Sunset’

Grown by: Ormistan J. Bromfield

Section 5: Cattleya Alliance Hybrids Compact

Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Rlc.) Chinese Bronze Ă— Mark Jones

Grown by: Neal Grant

Section 6: Cattleya Alliance Hybrids Minature

Laeliocattleya (Lc.) Indigo Valentine var. coerulea

Grown by: Alex Nadzan

Section 7: Paphiopedilum Hybrids

Paphiopedilum Magic Lantern

Grown by: Debby Halliday

Section 8: Phragmipedium Hybrids

Phrag. Sedenii

Grown by: Jane Wesley Brooks

Section 9: Oncidium Alliance Hybrids

Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester

Grown by: Anita Spencer

Section 10: Dendrobium Hybrids

Dendrobium Pixie Princess

Grown by: Anita Spencer

Section 11: Vandaceous Alliance Hybrids

Renanthera Amayana

Grown by: Debby Halliday

Section 12: Hybrids of other Genera

Enanthleya Middleburg ‘MAG

Grown by: Anita Spencer

Section 13: Phalaenopsis Alliance Hybrids

Phalaenopsis Chi-Yueh Golden George

Grown by: Alex Nadzan

Section 14: Specimen Plants

Brassia verrucosa

Grown by: Dave Rimlinger 

Section 15: Large Species : A - Masdevallia

Cattleya harrisoniana

Grown by: Tom Osborn

Section 16: Large Species : Maxillaria - Z

Miltoniopsis vexillaria

Grown by: Peter Tobias

Section 17: Small Species : A - Masdevallia

Dendrobium laevifolium ‘Little Joy’ HCCIAOS

Grown by: Debby Halliday

Section 18: Small Species : Maxillaria - Z

Neofinetia falcata GOJU Fukurin

Grown by: Alex Nadzan

Section 19: Small Displays

Tree with 12 Encyclia Species Plants

Grown by: Pedro Sanchez

Section 20: Large Displays

No Entries

Section 21: Large Vendor Displays

No Entries

Other Pictures